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Section 1 - Scales and keys

Candidates are expected to have a good knowledge of the notes that make up scales - this is essential if the scales learnt in theory are to be used in a practical context.

All scales and key signatures are fully illustrated and explained in the grade handbooks - which also contain sample questions and answers. Click here for more information or to purchase these books.

Preliminary Grade

Grade One

As Preliminary Grade plus:

Grade Two

As Grade One plus:

Grade Three

Scales to the range of 2 sharps and 2 flats:

Grade Four

Scales to the range of 3 sharps and 3 flats:

Grade Five

Scales to the range of 4 sharps and 4 flats:

Grade Six

Scales to the range of 5 sharps and 5 flats:

Grade Seven

Scales in all keys:

Grade Eight

All requirements from all previous grades, plus in all keys:

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